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Industry: Food products
Employees: 1058
Turnover (2018): €70M

Mantinga Ltd is one of the largest companies in Eastern Europe, producing frozen bread and pastry products. About half of the company’s production is exported to 27 foreign countries. Mantinga works with variety of clients, including supermarkets, small local shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes, gas-stations and schools.

After adopting Mobile Sales Agent, Mantinga were happy to see the following changes:

Sales Eyes team is always attentive to our needs, quickly providing excellent quality solutions.”
AB Mantinga
We are trusted by:
1302 employees
€30M turnover
1487 employees
€30M turnover
44 employees
€5M turnover
239 employees
€44M turnover
476 employees
€100M turnover
4817 employees
€148M turnover
354 employees
€20M turnover
94 employees
€50M turnover
Industry: beer & soft beverages
Employees: 239
Turnover (2018): €44M

Volfas Engelman is a well-known soft and alcoholic beverage producer in Lithuania. As of 2009, 99.57% of Volfas Engelman shares belong to Finnish company group Olvi Plc. According to market research company AC Nielsen, Volfas Engelman is the third biggest player in the country’s beer market.

After adopting Mobile Sales Agent, Volfas Engelman were happy to see the following changes:

We are happy that we were able to increase productivity using this solution. Our clients appreciate the increased quality of our service.”
Volfas Engelman
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