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7 reasons why Mobile Sales Agent will transform your business

Surviving and coming out on top in an increasingly competitive industry requires not only a differentiated strategy, but also effective execution and performance. It is therefore vital to continuously search for solutions that will help those out in the field to maximise their working time to offset the amount of time spent travelling and therefore, increase their performance. Here are the seven main reasons why using a good field sales app is a game changer for your business:

1. Managing based on real-time metrics

There is only one way you can achieve maximum visit efficiency – by tracking the metrics. You’re curious to see how this would work for your specific business needs? Answer three questions here and see exactly how much time and money your company could save. Imagine being able to cover approximately 25% more clients as well as accelerate performance and avoid costly detours.

2. Clarity in scheduling results in greater efficiency

Scheduling meetings with clients on the same day who do not live in close proximity to each other is without a question, an ineffective way of utilising time. This type of mapping unnecessarily increases overall travelling time for your sales reps as well as gives you less time to attend meetings throughout the day, a sure time-waster. Automatic GPS check-ins and route automation is a built-in feature in Mobile Sales Agent, can help you avoid scheduling blunders.

Sales reps need their question ‘What do I do now?’ answered by the app. By having total clarity, their focus increases. They know what is expected of them any moment and keeping them focused on their tasks will deliver the outcomes you desire.

3. Increased accountability and visibility

Well-designed sales plans only work if they are thoroughly executed. Accountability is what drives sales reps to complete their activities and tasks. While it is impractical for sales managers to follow each of their reps daily, they can still have the visibility into their employees activities.

Mobile sales apps have the ability to continuously provide real-time information while field sales reps travel from location to location. As soon as the meeting or audit event occurs information such as orders taken, points visited, merchandise audited goes to the relevant people. This way information is immediately recorded and can be analysed without the need for reps to return to the office to file in the sales reports.

4. Improve brand recognition

It goes without saying that good merchandising audit practises result in higher sales and higher product recognition. Robust merchandising functions within a field sales app can help you ensure your products are always in stock and perfectly displayed.

5. Boost productivity by eliminating the tedious parts of their job.

Sales reps rarely look forward to spending endless hours filling reports at the end of the day, trying to remember details of their hectic schedule. Instead, they could be using the report filing time to make more sales. With a field sales app in their tablet or their smartphone, your reps could file the reports in seconds, using the momentum of the moment, and never having to think back again as the essence of the field activity was captured on the spot. What’s even better, the sales managers in return will have a real-time visibility into what’s going on in the field, which will enable them to make faster decisions and ensure that no time is being wasted.

6. Reduce costs

Good field sales apps will not only help you to reduce time costs but also fuel costs as well as printing and distributing paper surveys. Not to mention they help you to save the environment by reducing paper waste.

7. Increase revenue

More productivity means more sales and an increase in client happiness. Moreover, successful  in-store execution will result in higher sales and customer satisfaction.

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