Our Solutions
Effective workforce management while ensuring corporate information security
Taskon App
Task manager for remote workforce.
Mobile task management system suited to work in a business environment, where most of the staff work on the field and effective communication between the managers and field workforce is needed.
Sales Agent App
Retail execution and monitoring solution.
Productivity tool for mobile sales agents featuring sales force automation, retail execution, retail activity optimisation, merchandising, GPS tagging, feedback collection, analytics and more.
Top Benefits
of our advanced workforce management solutions
Spending more time at the field
Saving time on planning and execution.
No IT infrastructure investments - fast payback
Concentrate on your main trade.
Real-time workflow control
Real-time review process  = less costly mistakes.
Our Happy Clients
Just a few of our clients' testimonials
Sales Eyes team is always attentive to our needs, quickly providing excellent quality solutions.”
AB Mantinga
We were able to boost our productivity using this solution. Our clients appreciate the increased quality of our service.”
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